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How writing activates your creative power

When we write, we put something into an external linguistic form. We give meaning, let it flow, into the keys or onto the paper.

We draw words out of ourselves, from within ourselves, giving them free rein or putting them into a specific form, a specific type of text, a poem, a fragment, a blog article, a message, a book, a PDF, etc.

We pull out something that didn't exist before. We don't copy when we write creatively, but we certainly get inspired.

There's a blank page in front of you. Or an unwritten scene, the idea of a book. And there's a tension between that blankness and what's inside you.

Stay away from judgements

What happens when you cross this threshold? 

You fill the page with your words that will say or mean something. 

Perhaps questions will arise in between: 

  • What happens if I can't find the words? 
  • What if nothing comes? 
  • When there is emptiness in me? 

Then write the word emptiness or describe the nothingness you see.

For others, it is just the overcoming of seeing and realizing that what they have then WRITTEN is not as good as they had hoped. The fear or anxiety that it might not be enough.

That's where our evaluation immediately resonates and we may refrain from that. When we create, it is about the way, not about the goal. For it is only through the path that we get there at all. Having the goal alone does not mean that we will reach it.

Focusing or finding focus

To write is to actually do it, not merely imagine it. However, it's not always easy to just get going. Maybe there are other tasks in your day that want to get done. And it takes a lot of effort on your part to actually get started. 

My impulses for this:

1. Put yourself in the state in which you have already written and how you feel then: fulfilled, effective and productive.

2. Prioritize and stay connected. Make writing a set ritual. Schedule a fixed time slot and enough writing minutes. 

3. Direct your focus on writing. In time and place. Put your body in a tight tunnel of space and time and let it do nothing but write. This may mean: headphones on, door closed. Turn off your cell phone or put it away. And put a timer on. For example, I use the Tomato Timer and then set it for 2 x 25 or 1 x 50 minutes, depending. As soon as the clock ticks, I start writing, letting myself fall into my inner tunnel. And it works wonderfully, so I create up to over 1,000 words per session. I can tell you: the time will fly by.

Reward yourself. After each completed writing session, for example, you can write down the words you've achieved and celebrate yourself for what you've accomplished. Enjoy the feeling of what fills you up. Maybe it's joy, lightness, or self-confidence.

5. Keep in mind the WHY. That is, the reason you want to write. What made you want to do it? How important is it to you? My opinion is: If you don't write, then it can't be that important. 

Surprises from the inner world

Depending on what you express through writing, you access your inner images and worlds. You'll be surprised what there is to find. Wonderful, bright, dark, pleasant, unpleasant, evaluations, good and bad thoughts. You will face all this as soon as you open your inner self and bring out what wants to come out. 

For this I would like to give you the following:

1. you can change your expression at any time, because what is visible is completely in YOUR HAND to be changed and transformed. 

2. breathe and feel your body in the here and now. If you can't hold it on your own, allow yourself to get support. 

Become the medium of your creative energy

In creative writing, we activate our creativeness by learning to let go of that judgment and practice surrender. We surrender to what is within us, what wants to be created, what wants to become visible. That which flows out of us and wants to come to light. We become a medium for pure creative energy. 

We learn to let go, to set goals and to let go again, to endure lean times and to trust that things will continue. We leave our comfort zone, keep going where it gets uncomfortable and receive the most beautiful reward. Namely, that we are self-effective.

And if we are creators of words and learn to trust this process, then we can do it in real life, in our everyday life.

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Miriam Ponten

Magic creator and art therapist

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