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7 Tips from Dale Carnegie: The Importance of Good Communication

The name of the American writer and orator became widely known to the public in the 30s of the last century and does not leave the lips to this day. Dale Carnegie is a self-made man. His works “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, “How to Build Confidence and Influence People” have become bestsellers. And the author himself has acquired both a multi-million number of his talented admirers and fierce critics of his propaganda.

Dale Carnegie's Career and the Secret of the Long-term Success 

Carnegie was born in a simple farmer’s family. The boy did not show much hope being a child, and it would seem that no bright prospects were foreshadowed for him. Dale's first notable achievement, however, was getting a position at Armor & Company. Here Carnegie declared his talent for persuasion. Thousands of people came to the speaker's public talking in New York, wishing to learn how to become successful, happy, and make a lot of money.

In 1932, the first book of the writer, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", was published. At this time, America is going through a difficult period of economical crisis and unemployment. And Carnegie's advice on how to cope with a difficult situation and become financially independent is flying around like hotcakes. The writer's annual income at that time was $ 150,000.

The writer died in 1955. It cannot be said that his death was a terrible event for the world community. A lot of people believed that Dale Carnegie was a pseudonym. And a whole team of analysts, psychologists, and other specialists was involved in researching and marketing before books’ creation.

Why were Carnegie's books so popular for readers? People in dire straits looked for soft skills to receive their problems. The book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" gave clear directions for action, as well as it contained examples from the life of successful personalities and a touch of humor. The book was useful to those who want to find their place in the sun, communicate successfully with people, and self-actualize.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Communication and Branding

Public relations play one of the most important roles in the successful development of business. Customers are the driving force for business development and continuous improvement. Analysis of the target audience’s needs helps to create the goods and services needed by the consumer, develop corporate values, and reflect them in the brand. Therefore, constant communication, receiving feedback from the client is the main criterion for profitable activity.

7 Tips to Improve Communication Skills by Dale Carnegie

Despite the fact that society has undergone dramatic changes since the publication of the book, the advice of an American writer is still relevant and help to establish contacts with people:

    1. Do not criticize, insult or discuss. Constructive dialogue cannot be built on negativism. This breaks the understanding between the participants in the conversation.

    2. Make compliments. It is very easy to win if you praise the strengths or qualities of interlocutor that distinguish him or her from others. Carnegie believed that admirable qualities can be found in every person.

    3. Show your interest. It is important to listen with interest, ask questions, and respect other people's personal opinions. Many successful people knew how to listen and were interested in the audience's experience.

    4. Find out what people need and give it to them. Offer your help first before asking for anything. A level playing field is essential for a fruitful relationship.

    5. Smile. A smile can win over the interlocutor. It relieves stress, makes communication less formal.

    6. Show empathy. Learn to empathize with the other person. Feel what they feel like. It will become easier for you to understand the other person and find common points of contact.

    7. Be grateful. Express your gratitude for people’s time, for productive cooperation, for their opinion. This will leave a good impression of yourself.

Benefits of Good Communication in Personal Life and at Work

Often people do not understand that the failure in cooperation is caused by a reluctance to establish the right communication. Carnegie believed that out of 10 business failures, 9 are due to a lack of communication skills.

Poorly developed communication skills cannot bring success either in working with clients nor in personal life. Simple techniques for successful communication described in the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" help to establish friendly connection in any area of life.

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