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CREATIVE TECHLAB webinar for parents

All parents want to raise a happy, curious, physically and mentally healthy child. However, parenting is not always an easy process and often involves a lot of stress.

As part of the Creative TechLab project, my colleagues and I work with a large number of children. After workshops and classes, we communicate with parents, discussing various issues that are often related to the development and psychological state of the child.

With child psychologist Valentina Gerasimov we will hold a webinar for parents and discuss frequently asked questions:

  1. Why does a child start speaking late? And how to help him or her develop speech?
  2. How to support the child in stressful situations and increase self-esteem?
  3. What fears hinder a child's development and how to prevent them?
  4. How to protect against bullying at school?
  5. ADHD syndrome: where does it come from and how to overcome it?

Registration for the webinar by mail:

The webinar consists of two blocks: in the first one Valentina will cover the above-mentioned topics and in the second one she will answer your questions.

The webinar will take place on March 10 from 18.30 to 20.00 and will be held in German language

Price: 25 euros

Registration for the webinar by mail: