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Valentina Gerasimov: child therapist and coach for parents

Valentina has been working with children and adolescents for 15 years, both in schools and in personal counseling. For six years she led a correctional group for adolescents and participated in projects on parenting children and adolescents with the Ministry of Youth Administration (Jugendamt) in Germany. 

Everyone's children are different: obedient, malleable, or with outbursts of anger, rejections, and confrontations, with various psychological traumas and most conscious parents want one thing - to get out of the power struggle with their child, to find parental compromise and a systematic approach in upbringing.

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Valentina specializes in the following topics in her work with children

  1. Bullying;
  2. Abdominal pain and headaches without organic damage;
  3. Friendship and friends;
  4. Adequate manifestation of anger;
  5. Increased anxiety, isolation, fears;
  6. Crisis in adolescence;
  7. Psychological traumas;
  8. Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence;
  9. School problems (concentration, motivation, anxiety, worry, psychological blockages, and tension due to the need to achieve good grades)

In working with parents

  1. Parenting (boundaries, separation, sibling conflict);
  2. Existence of boundaries (boundaries, separation, sibling conflicts);
  3. Difficulties with child behavior (temper tantrums, eating behaviors, refusal);
  4. Breakdown of understanding (between parents, different views on parenting issues);
  5. Caring for the child blocks you (premature birth, illness, accident)

The sessions take place ONLINE with children, teens, and parents individually or as a whole family in German and Russian languages.

Request a free 30-minute consultation at