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TOP-5 Ways to Increase Income Over Communication

Trust is essential not only in communication between people, but in business as well. Want to boost sales, increase customer loyalty and just make friends? This requires some trust building measures. Scientists working in the field of cognitive psychology and behavioral factors have conducted a number of studies related to the phenomenon of trust, both in the context of business and interaction between people. The results of the study made it possible to grasp several criteria on which trust is based. Following these simple yet efficient steps you will not just gain more income, but learn how to get 200% out of communication with people.  

Positive and negative preconceptions

A person was recommended to the HR specialist and described as an excellent specialist. Even if it turns out during the interview that the candidate’s skills and competencies do not correspond to those stated in the vacancy or he/she did not meet the HR’s personal expectations, he/she will still find arguments in the candidate’s defense, precisely because he/she was recommended earlier. On the contrary, if HR first hears negative reviews, then he/she will be biased to the potential worker, even if he/she is a perfect match according to the results of the interview.

Compliments win people over, that's a fact. But giving compliments is also an art of the kind, since excessive flattery immediately reveals self-interest. The best option is to make compliments as if they are coming from the 3rd person. For example, one can tell a coworker that a high-profile acquaintance of his spoke flatteringly about that colleague. This will endear the person as far self-esteem has been arisen in him.

Frequency and regularity

What happens when people meet each other over and over again? They begin to get used to it, recognize each other when they meet, smile, have some small talks. It is important to remember that people provide and express a lot of information using non-verbal means of communication, the body language, gestures and facial expressions. So the interlocutor subconsciously interprets these signals. If one doesn't want to make contact and reject the person deep inside, he will be unlikely willing to communicate either. But if he is sincerely glad to meet people around, then they will treat him the same way.

Duration of communication

The length of the relationship also affects the degree of trust. The longer we know someone, the higher the level of trust becomes.


The rapprochement between people occurs gradually, in the process of joint leisure. So the more colleagues or just friends communicate on various topics, the closer they become. While interacting closely and with pleasure, human brain begins to subconsciously perceive the companion as someone close and the level of trust grows.

All interpersonal relationships are built according to the formula:

Trust = disposition + regularity + duration + intensity 

The fact that this formula works is perfectly illustrated by the following case. One of my clients set himself the goal of increasing sales and attracting more customers. He planned to use networking and various events for these purposes, which were attended by his potential clients, as well as people who make important decisions in large companies. The niche was narrow enough and everyone already knew each other. Naturally, nobody wanted to expand the circle of contacts. My client acted wisely. He found out where and when the events were held and began to appear there, without showing any vivid interest. Thoughtful self-presentation and some small talk helped him to start communication, winning over the people he was talking to. Also he appeared wherever his clients were flocking more and more often. In a while their meetings and interactions became more intense and lasted longer. He started talking about his business and new solutions. As a result, he entered into multimillion-dollar contracts, found clients and increased sales by 60%!

This case shows that trust is not only the key to increasing sales, but also to building productive communication. In an era of technological progress, pandemic and forced isolation, people miss communication and interesting contacts. Remember to use the trust formula to achieve your goals.

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Ekaterina Kardakova

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