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Emotional Intelligence: Learn How to Apply It Correctly in Business and Personal Life

For the first time the concept of "emotional intelligence" was applied by the American psychologist Daniel Goleman. In his work "Emotional intelligence: why it may matter more than IQ" the expert described the importance of a person's EQ level for productive communication. We socialize with lots of people every day: colleagues, clients, family or friends. The success of our conversation directly depends on the totality of knowledge, communication skills, and their application in public speaking.

Goleman discussed in detail the meaning of the term "emotional intelligence", its distinctive features, methods of measurement, as well as the basics of managing our own emotions.

The psychologist's research helps to learn how to be more restrained in the manifestation of our feelings, to recognize the hidden emotions of other people, and to build harmonious relationships.

What is Emotional Intelligence and How to Use It?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your true feelings, capture the real emotions of others, and manage them for achieving the speaker’s goal. Those who can understand themselves first, and then the other people's moods come to success.

Emotional intelligence has the following characteristics:

  • self-awareness — the ability to accurately interpret one's own feelings;
  • self-regulation — the power to control your feelings depending on the situation, not to be led by your emotions in unforeseen situations (this does not mean that emotions should be suppressed, you just need to listen to them and adjust your actions);
  • empathy, social consciousness — the ability to empathize with the feelings of the public, understand its desires and satisfy them with your intentions;
  • govern communication — the potential to build long-term relationships with people, adapting to any conditions.

How do you know if your emotional intelligence is good enough? A person with a high EQ is disciplined and responsible and knows how to quickly adapt to sudden changes in conditions.

When Emotional Intelligence Is Used In Public Relations?

The speaker must present the material correctly to attract the audience’s attention and to interest them in his speech. From the first seconds of the performance, it is necessary to obtain the public’s feedback. It is important to set people up positively by delivering your speech, then close contact with the audience is guaranteed. The speaker must first tune in to the necessary emotions to convey them to the public as definitely as possible.

Functions that emotional intelligence performs:

  1. Helps to determine the mood of the spectators at the moment.
  2. Changes the state of the audience, depending on the goals of the presentation, with the use of special psychological techniques.
  3. Allows you to predict the public’s reaction to a particular speech and give people the desired emotions.

A speaker with a high level of emotional intelligence keeps the audience's attention throughout the whole performance. He or she  improvises successfully, speaks brightly, and his or her words achieve the goal.

Is EQ Important in Business?

Any entrepreneurial activity, regardless of direction, involves continuous communication with people. This includes interaction with employees, and receiving feedback from consumers, or establishing friendly relations with partners. Correct communication plays one of the important roles for business development.

Businessmen are usually dynamic, constantly in motion and development. Therefore, they experience a wide range of frequently changing emotions. Managers need to be able to control their condition and to turn their subordinates in the right direction – it is an important leader’s skill. Highly developed emotional intelligence allows the head of the organization to see himself through the eyes of subordinates, form the right business goals for the team, and successfully motivate it. People with high EQ can assess the situation from the side of the interlocutor and lead him in the right direction to successfully resolve the conflict.

A well-thought-out marketing campaign allows an enterprise to advertise and promote its product on the market. Branding is an important part of a successful business. The image that the public associates with the name of the company must be thought out to the smallest detail. EQ allows you to make a business recognizable among the public. And not only thanks to successful advertising, but also an impeccable reputation, quality of goods or services and understanding of customer needs.

Emotional intelligence helps in doing business presentations or public speaking, and also in relationships between relatives. Understanding your emotions together with other people's feelings will allow you to form strong bonds between important persons.

Everyone can develop emotional intelligence. This is an easy task if a specialist comes to your aid. Learning special techniques for understanding yourself and the audience, as well as ways to influence the public, will be invaluable in creating positive relations in any area of life. You will learn to live in harmony with your family, take control of stressful situations and resolve conflicts at work and home. 

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