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How to Attract Attention: 7 Easy Tricks Available to Everyone

Human beings are social beings and the need for attention is inherent in nature itself. Who needs more attention? Probably someone with a very specific agenda. For example, to engage others with an idea, to earn more, etc. Often, achieving these goals depends on one’s expertise, reputation, and popularity. And this, in turn, is determined by the person’s willingness to obtain social evidence of his or her worth and to communicate with others.

We will always define a bright charismatic man during negotiation not only by strong and confident voice but more by nonverbal signals, a language our bodies speak and that is a much more ancient way of communication than the one we used to — speech.

4 Types of Non-verbal Communication

Scientists have found that up to 90% of the information we receive exactly «read» it with body language. Anyone can remember a time when people were attracted to certain behaviors. They only entered the room, as the already gathered crowd immediately turned to them. During business presentations, the audience read the information that the human body sent: an open friendly posture with a smile, etc.

Non-verbal means of communication can be divided into four groups:

  1. Expressive movements — gait, facial, posture, gestures.
  2. Visual contact — frequency and duration of visual interaction, the direction of view.
  3. Haptic movements — the use of touch organs. This includes handshakes, kisses, touches to different parts of the body of the interviewee.
  4. Motion in space — distance with interlocutor, orientation, table seat, etc.

It is through these non-verbal means that we transmit the information we want to broadcast to people during the presentation. And it is that information that either attracts attention or remains insignificant to the audience.

Charismatic people are usually affectionate and benevolent. Their friendliness is expressed in gestures, in posture, in the energy they emit, in the way they present themselves, in the language of the body. We see them as self-confident, friendly people who are smiling, willing to make contact, and their body language is open.

Can all People be Charismatic and Attractive?

The question is, can all people be like that? That’s right it depends on the inner state, how confident a person is, and how important new contacts are to him or to her. It’s transmitted in body language and read by other people. A confident posture, an open smile, adjusting the body position to the orientation in the space of the interlocutor helps to get attention.

Why can’t everybody do it? First of all, it’s because inside they’re not ready for it, they have a lot of fears, they’re not ready for public speaking. Otherwise, when a person seeks to communicate, it is evident from their behavior, their body language.

What can you tell someone who wants to attract attention to themselves?

  1. First of all, to be open, sincere. Pretending to be interested in someone you talk to is irritating and this type of behavior doesn’t lead to further communication.
  2. By saying the name of your interlocutor, you will certainly be different from those who do not remember names or details important to a person.
  3. Use gestures, soft touches, the inclination of the hull towards your visuals.
  4. Be a positive interlocutor. Well, gossip, negative emotions, complaints about life can attract attention, but not the kind of attention you’re looking for.
  5. Ask the person you are just talking to or negotiating with many different questions. For example, a new acquaintance, a meeting leader, a conference speaker, etc.
  6. Show initiative, willingness to solve the problem, take responsibility.
  7. Be able to express your thoughts clearly — simply and on a case. It’ll help create a good impression for people during public speaking.

Often, attention is drawn to the exterior of the surroundings, to the way they behave, to questionable judgments. But usually, this interest is short-lived, people get bored pretty fast by such people. It would be far more effective to prove yourself as someone with personal qualities worthy of attention.

Successful people can make eye contact even during very important to their careers meetings and presentations, they can talk to strangers as if they’ve known them for years. But you don’t get born with those skills. The art of communication, including body language, can and must be learned to draw attention to oneself, to one’s thoughts and ideas. Attracting attention is not difficult, but for successful interaction between people, it is important to create an atmosphere of goodwill, sincere interest, and comfort.

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Ekaterina Kardakova

Hello everyone! My name is Ekaterina Kardakova. I am an opera singer, vocal and presentation coach. Learn more about me and my work.

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