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Biohacking: how to improve health and increase productivity

Biohacking is an innovative practice, the essence of which is to balance all aspects of life. This practice is aimed at improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, optimizing nutrition and sleep, giving up bad habits and excessive physical activity.

Literally, "biohacking" translates to "life" and "hacking." Modern science allows humans to regulate the processes of life occurring in the body with the help of various kinds of gadgets. Biohackers use such computer programs for different purposes - to increase productivity, speed up brain function, slow down aging, and in general to expand the possibilities of the body. 

The term itself was known as far back as 1988. At the time, biohackers were called genetic engineers who were engaged in science outside of laboratories and conducted their own experiments. Biohacking began to gain popularity in 2002, when the human genome was first deciphered. The trend was popularized thanks to Dave Asprey, entrepreneur and author of the Bulletproof project. He wrote five books about biohacking.

Improvement of the habitual rhythm of life has a positive effect not only on the physical and psychological well-being, appearance, but also on any type of activity. Biohacking helps to perform work productively, to generate outstanding ideas and to plan time competently. Representatives of this direction are successful in business - they are resourceful and optimistic, full of strength and energy.

The 3 main areas of Biohacking

Biohacking is a way to improve health, activate the brain and increase a person's vitality. Modern researchers are convinced that there is no point in fanatically counting calories and sleeping at least 12 hours a day in order for the body to work efficiently. Much better to pay attention to the quality of these rituals. In biohacking, there are three main components of success: nutrition, sleep, and physical activity.

Eating a well-balanced diet

Such a diet helps to produce energy. All necessary microelements a person can get from ordinary products - without all sorts of additives, vitamin complexes. There is a universal recommendation for the composition of the diet (the composition for each meal during the day):

50% fruits and vegetables;

25% protein foods;

25% whole grains and legumes ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables do not have to be fresh. Canned or stewed foods are acceptable. Fruits and vegetables can be replaced with juices or smoothies.

Protein foods are fatty fish (mackerel or salmon) and lean meat, poultry, dairy products, eggs. It is important to limit consumption of bacon, ham, sausages, and other meat products.

Whole-grain foods or foods high in fiber will provide a sense of satiety. This is the basis of normal digestion, weight support, and prevention of many diseases.  Such foods include brown rice, whole-grain bread, pasta, and potatoes.

Drinking fluids is no less important. However, it is not necessary to do it forcibly - only according to the body's needs. Contrary to popular belief, the daily norm includes not only plain water, but any liquid products.


Sleep helps the brain recover. Regular lack of sleep, unstable rest and wakefulness patterns, restless, interrupted sleep - the risk of developing all kinds of diseases, depressive disorders, reduced productivity of work. There are a few simple rules that biohackers adhere to.

- Sleep has cycles. The duration of each is 1.5 hours. If you wake up in the middle of the cycle, you can not count on productive activity during the next day, a good mood and a normal level of activity, cognitive processes work. Biohackers recommend sleeping 5, 6, 7 or 9 hours each.

- You should go to bed before midnight, at the same time day after day.

- One hour before sleep, it is not recommended to use gadgets - they overload the nervous system.

- The windows should be closed with thick curtains. Even a weak light source prevents the production of the hormone melatonin, which controls biorhythms.

Sleeping during the day is not recommended. However, in case of acute need, a break of not more than 20 minutes is allowed. This is long enough for you to recover and replenish your energy without the risk of becoming "sleep-deprived" or going into a deep sleep phase.

Physical Activity

Helps to reset and distract yourself. There are several types of exercise in biohacking. Each has a different value and benefit to the body.

- Swimming - stimulates blood flow to the brain.

- Low-paced training (or conscious movement) - develops a sense of self-control, self-awareness.

- High-intensity interval training - accelerates metabolic processes in the body, burns fat deposits, strengthens muscles, promotes their growth and development. 

- Strength training with free weights or on simulators. They help to lose weight, develop endurance, and strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Biohackers do not recommend working out later than two hours before bedtime. The body will perk up and it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Biohacking helps to increase energy and productivity, live long and be in great physical and mental shape. All of this will allow you to use your free time wisely and manage your available resources - to adjust any areas of life. Physical and psychological health is especially important for business owners who are focused on stable development in the long term.

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