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6 useful skills for business presentation

Self-presentation is an important skill that helps us to present our business and our brand, to express our thoughts and to attract our auditory in social media. Many entrepreneurs use video content for effective communication and the creation of emotional bounds. In this case they can use numerous events, such as:

 • Every possible forum

• Conferences with different topics

• International meetings

• Exhibitions

It’s very important for successful presentations to develop soft skills in communication and to interact with a partner or a client. That’s why a lot of people are interested in presentation skills training as a useful tool for the popularization of their brand, products and services.

But not everyone is an extravert who can perform effortlessly. The most people need to break a mental barrier for effective communication. It’s important to master these soft skills for a business presentation. These skills are good not only for the career, but also for our personal life.

 The presentation training Voice&Leadership includes useful tips for business presentations. Here are 6 basic soft skills for an effective performance:

1. The tone of voice. The timbre and the intonation can reveal many things about a speaker. Scientists from Business Speech Science Research in St Petersburg conducted the study about the influence of voice on people’s emotions and on the improvements of your business. The results showed that a low tone of voice is subconsciously perceived as a voice of a leader, a person with a high social status. A high tone indicates our anxiety and the lack of confidence. 

2. The space. An experienced performer is filling the auditory with their personality. The body language shows the confidence. Firm postures, a straight glance, movements indicate the power. A good speaker knows how to use the space the best.

3. Gesticulation. A performer knows how to use the hands. The appropriate gestures help to look natural and vibrant; besides, it helps auditory to memorize all information much better!

4. A calm tone of voice, clear diction, and appropriate pauses underline the ability to avoid stress. The vocal training implies the work on the speech, the creation of the scheme of the performance.

5. A good speaker is able to express thoughts using a simple and understandable language. A well-structured performance improves the perception of the topic, causes the interest and emphasizes the important moments. Lengthy explanations and blurred terms weaken the attention of our auditory.

6. A smile. A lively facial expression shows our uniqueness. It helps to make a good interaction with people and to create comfortable atmosphere. It’s enough to look at different media people to understand the effectiveness of a friendly smile.

 Thus, the ability of self-presentation is a useful soft skill for a performer. It helps to create a personal brand that will be effective when you are selling products, services or want to have an outstanding career.

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Ekaterina Kardakova

Hello everyone! My name is Ekaterina Kardakova. I am an opera singer, vocal and presentation coach. Learn more about me and my work.

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