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5 steps to change your life

We all want changes. At work, personal life, lifestyle, appearance, income, and many other things. Is it enough to want changes? You'll say, "What a stupid question!" Of course not. What do you have to do to make changes happen in your life?

Step 1: Understand what's not working in your life anymore 

It could be a relationship that ended, but for some reason, you keep clinging to it. Toxic people who poison your life and “pull you back”. Limitations that you feel in your personal life, at work, any other area of life and realize they "grow out" of past experiences.

The first step is to understand what or who is stopping you. Understand your values. Think about the steps you can take now to improve and alleviate the situation.

Step 2: Create a new type of thinking

Actors reincarnate on stage, they change not only makeup, costumes, and hairstyles. They change their speech, movements, they change even the sound of their voice. The future you require changes in your personality.

What should the new version of you think? What should it be like? How should she or he behave? What is important to bring into your life? Which hobbies or travel? What new things are important to let happen in your life? What new things are important to learn?

Step 3. Imagine not only the new image but also understand why you need it

What is your goal? What do you want to get out of this "new reality"? It's important to spell out the changes that will happen in your life. Maybe you want a new job? A new relationship? A new way of life altogether?

What will come into your life when the "new story" becomes a reality? How will you feel then? What will be revealed to you?

Step 4: Form new behavior and new habits

A change of hair, image, or makeup has a magical effect on women. Gradually introduce "new actions" into your life. Surround yourself with things the new version of you likes. Start going to interesting events. Read books. Learn a language. Engage in activities that are pleasing you. Gradually, but regularly, take new activities in small steps.

Step 5: Change your environment

There are so many opportunities for this now: social networking groups, interesting event formats, and themed meetups. Change your attitude to what's going on around you. Get rid of those who are pulling you back.

The change starts deep inside

However, if you want a new reality to come into your life and become part of it, start changes deep within you.


Anna Matyagina

psycotherapist, certified coach ICI, MRI, AC; specialize in Jungian sand therapy, metaphorical maps, PhD in Engineering

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