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3 factors of the perfect voice for public speaking

It’s worth thinking about the influence of your voice on communication with other people. Maybe you have attended events after that you were inspired and ready to achieve new goals? How the voice can affect the abilities of persuading and what factors are important for the improvement of your voice?

The voice is one of the most powerful instruments to influence other people. Our communication depends on the following voice traits:

- Intonations.

- Dynamic.

- Emotions.

- Timbre.

Using the voice you can have the influence on a person, their mood and emotions. You can urge a person to do something or relax and calm them. Many people don’t even think about the voice training. How to improve the timbre and to make the speech more expressive? This questions come to the mind only during public speaking when you notice weakness and shiver of the voice.

The main cause of the troubles with our voice is a physical suppression, for example, the tension in the jaw, spasms in the neck and shoulders muscles, poor posture.

The good breathing

The first indicator of stress is accelerated breathing. The voice gets high and thin. These are indicators of the excitement. The training of diaphragmatic breathing will help to avoid the anxiety and will allow keeping the voice under control.

What is diaphragmatic breathing? It is the way of breathing when the diaphragm plays an active role enriching the blood with oxygen without participation of the shoulders and the chest. In a word, it is breathing with the help of the lower abdomen or belly breathing. People who do yoga, meditation and other breathing practices are aware of importance of such breathing.

During the training process you should pay attention to the shoulders and the rib cage: they should be immovable, the jaw should be relaxed. Using the diaphragm you can improve not only your breathing, but also your diction.

The voice training implies the regulation of breathing by the diaphragm.

You should remember that the diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle. It’s founded on the lungs and has a form of the moon. The modern world makes people keep a sedentary lifestyle. It leads to the posture dysfunction and the curvature of the spine. As a result, the diaphragm’s muscles constrict that provokes wrong breathing and slurred speech.

Diaphragmatic breathing plays a crucial role in the voice training. When a person breathes in a right way, the voice sounds louder and richer. It affects a listener the way they involve in the process and memorize the information better.

A tense jaw as an important indicator of stress

People are inclined to hold their emotions and thoughts pressing the jaw. It doesn’t allow opening the mouth during communication. The sound waves are reducing, the voice sounds quietly and the speech is slurred. To make your voice be confident you should relax the jaw muscles, and the mouth should be opened widely enough. Remember that the tension in the jaw can lead big problems. If you feel this discomfort, visit a doctor for examining and a treatment.

The conclusions

The research shows how persuasive our voice can be and how big influence it can have during communication with people. If you keep calm and balanced breathing, your jaw are relaxed, your voice will get louder, will become more persuasive with variable bright tones. The register will oscillate from low frequencies to high ones; your diction will improve and will become more emotional. A person with a pleasant and steady voice is considered as a leader. People listen to the leader, trust and follow this person with leadership traits. You must regularly work on your voice and it will definitely help you to achieve new goals and be successful!

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Ekaterina Kardakova

Hello everyone! My name is Ekaterina Kardakova. I am an opera singer, vocal and presentation coach. Learn more about me and my work.

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