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Voice training for singers

Everyone can sing!

-I claim. The voice is nothing else than a muscle which you can train. You don’t need a perfect pitch, a special color of the voice or a big talent for that, but what you need is the willingness to sing!

I’m always amazed when I observe my students while growing and learning their real voices. Many of them say: “What?! Is it me? Is this my voice?! I would never think that I can sing!” When a person loves to sing she or he opens up to the world and sounds so differently!

During the lessons students learn

- how to use the body while singing

- how to express emotions

- how to breath correctly

- how to release the jaw

- how to develop the flexibility of the diaphragm

- how to sing high notes (everyone has them too!)

- how to phrase music line

- how to connect body, emotions and the voice together

Online singing lesson are not that different from the offline. For every student I create exercises in audio format which they can use while home preparation, the get the recording of the lesson and the video with explanations which are over 100 in the singing library 

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