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Voice&Leadership: become a charismatic speaker. 6 online group lessons

A charismatic person is easy to pick out from the crowd, interesting to listen to, and pleasant to be in the field of his or her aura. A lot of studies clearly show that growth in a career or business directly depends on how confident and charismatic you are able to present yourself, your skills, and your services. You've probably noticed that people who know how to sell themselves get results faster. 

"Of course, they were born with charisma!" - you might say. As a professional opera singer, I can surely claim: charisma is a skill! A skill that can (and should) be trained.

The program of 6 group online classes:

  1. How to pump charisma? Charisma is a skill that is 99% dependent on mindset. In this lesson, we'll break down the blocks and fears that keep you from becoming a charismatic person, as well as techniques for pumping the charisma mindset.
  2. Introduce yourself in 30 seconds: the audio business card. We have exactly 4 seconds to get the other person comfortable with us. In this class, we'll work through mental preparation for presentations and your audio business card so you can talk about yourself confidently, succinctly, and clearly at any moment.
  3. How to speak to be heard? The voice is an instrument of emotion. This lesson is about voice training and the relationship between voice and emotion. In the exercises, you will train not only a strong and beautiful voice but also an emotional message.
  4. Body Language. Non-verbal communication is a powerful tool to influence people. Scientists have found that we read each other's body language by 55%. In this lesson, we will talk about the nature of body language and train you to consciously apply it in communication.
  5. How do you keep your audience's attention? We will look at techniques and methods of communication with the audience, the formula of trust, and analyze the structure of presentations of famous personalities.
  6. How to present online? Recently, work life has shifted to an online format: calls, presentations and reports. In this class, we'll break down the specifics of online presentations and tricks that will help you charismatically present in an online format.


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How do online group classes work?

Online group classes are 30% theory and 70% practice. Lessons take place in Zoom and last 1.5 hours. After each lesson, participants receive a recording of the lesson and homework, which are posted on a closed Telegram channel. I personally check all practical assignments and give ideas to improve your skills. 

Online group classes will be held


Every Wednesday from 19.00 to 20.30 from September 20 to October 25


Who are the right people for online group classes? 

  • Career Professionals. Present yourself charismatically and confidently move up the career ladder
  • Freelancers. Learn how to sell yourself, your services and win new clients
  • Startupers. Sell your ideas and attract investors
  • Business owners. Develop charisma and motivate your team


Price: 210 euro per course



If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Registration by mail: