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Tatiana Larina: jazz and opera singer, vocal coach

Tatiana began her training as a jazz singer, but she soon discovered a talent for opera singing and continued her development in this direction. Her career as an opera singer has taken Tatiana to opera houses all over the world: the Cologne Opera, the opera houses of Bonn (Germany), Graz, Linz (Austria), Quebec (Canada), Kazan (Russia), as well as a large opera festival like St. Margarten. 

In 2014, Tatiana won the theater award for Best Actress in a Leading Role 2014 in Austria. 

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For over 20 years, Tatiana has been teaching not only opera vocals but also jazz vocals. She places great emphasis on 

  1. The technical side of vocals: proper breathing, jaw, tension in the body;
  2. The singer's emotional state and insecurities;
  3. Working on stage fright;
  4. Ability to sing high notes freely and easily;
  5. Acting skills

Classes are held individually and in groups for adults ONLINE and OFFLINE in Berlin in Russian and German.

Request a free 30-minute consultation at