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Miriam Ponten: art therapist and writer

Miriam has always been interested in everything to do with imagination and creative expression, including literature, theater, music, art and writing. Through her studies in philosophy and political science, she became familiar with many concepts, ideas of the good life and forms of society and dealt with fundamental questions concerning people, their thoughts and actions.

After working as a PR editor and freelance copywriter, her path led her to practical and creative work with people and thus to art therapy. She realized that she could make a contribution in other ways and could not make many of her talents available through her editorial work alone. Today, it is important to her to create a life that is always open to what is still possible and magical. 

At the same time, she returned to creative writing and had the exciting experience of writing her first book. In July 2022, her debut novel "Flut der Träume" was published by Dunkelstern Verlag for readers aged 14 and over.

Miriam is currently working as an art therapist in a project (IPSU) for flood victims in Gemünd and helps children, young people and adults to deal with the after-effects of the flood. It is important to her to support people even in difficult situations and to look out for everything that is possible in order to create counter-images to the experience, to give space to feelings or to look ahead again with the strength of one's own dreams and wishes.

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Miriam focuses on the following points in her art therapy sessions: 

 Art therapy with adults:

  1. Anxiety and panic disorders;
  2. Stress & burnout;
  3. Self-awareness & self-care, perceiving and expressing needs, dreams and wishes;
  4. Relationship work: understanding and recognizing female and male energies

Art therapy with children & adolescents:

  1. Strengthening and stabilization;
  2. Children and young people with depression;
  3. Developing identity;
  4. Naming, categorizing, processing and expressing feelings;
  5. Future perspectives

 The sessions take place ONLINE in small groups or individually in German and English

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