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Debra Scott: English communication and accent coach for second language speakers

Born in Oregon, she grew up fascinated by accents and curious about learning languages. At age 15 she went to Costa Rica to live with a family and went home fluent in Spanish. 

Debra pursued advanced degrees in Languages and Education and began her career teaching Spanish at the University of Oregon. She was then selected to go to Spain on exchange, where she taught English at the University of Seville.

Debra has taught English for many years on all levels, managing her own language school as well as serving in public and private schools and businesses. Her philosophy is that learning should be fun and practical for everyday life. For kids, playing games and singing are the best ways to learn structures in such a way that learners don't realize they are practicing grammar, and adults can enjoy singing too!

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As a native speaker, Debra considers her best gift to students is to give them wings to be fluent and confident communicators, thus her course offering includes the following:

  1. Grammar review to fill in specific gaps in your learning;
  2. Accent polishing, including pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and melody;
  3. Small talk skills and conversation to be at ease in any social or professional setting;
  4. Interviews for jobs, official exams, podcasts, etc;
  5. Speeches, presentation in English;
  6. Storytelling, prose and poetry 

Debra offers personalized, one on one or small group sessions for intermediate to advanced speakers from age 8 to adult.

All the lessons take place online. Languages: English, Spanish

Request a free 30-minute consultation at