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Angelina Shabanova: arts teacher

As a student, Angelina has already worked in art schools and it was there that she encountered a huge number of children's questions, hopes, and disappointments in their abilities in fine arts. This area directly depends on the psychological state of the child, their inner sense of self, and confidence in their own abilities. To help her students, Angelina received a second degree in psychology.  

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Angelina has been teaching fine arts to children and adults for more than 20 years, taking an individual approach to each one. The teacher considers it important to work with different materials, such as

  1. Dry and oil pastels;
  2. Watercolor;
  3. Gouache;
  4. Ink and pen;
  5. Work with clay 

For each age of the child are selected topics, through which he or she gets acquainted with the concept of portrait, and landscape, with the simplest structure of animals and birds, as well as the cultural heritage of countries such as ancient Greece and Egypt, mastering them through art, culture and history.

Classes are held ONLINE for children and adults in small groups and individually in Russian and German languages

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