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CREATIVE TECHLAB online music class for kids

Music helps children develop in many ways: to discover their strengths, to feel their own potential and to express themselves creatively. Creative TechLab online music class for children is designed for varied musical development. 

A professional teacher will help your child learn the musical foundation: 

  • notes
  • rhythms
  • musical symbols
  • chords
  • intervals
  • learn to play your favorite tunes on the piano

After each online class, parents of participants receive a recording of the lesson, supporting videos with explanations, and exercises. The Creative TechLab music class for kids has already shown great results and motivation for online class participants!

Creative TechLab online music class is suitable for children from 6 to 11 years old and will take place in German every Tuesday from 5 to 5.45 pm from April 9th to June 11th


Free online trial lesson on Februar 26, March 4 and 18 from 5 to 5.45 pm 


How do children benefit from the Creative TechLab online music class?

There is a lot of research on child psychology and development which shows that children born in the time of the Internet are different: they perceive and memorize information faster, use technology natively, and are freer and more creative.

The development goals of the new generation of children differ significantly from the accepted ones - first of all, it is an individual approach to learning for each child, purposeful unlocking of potential, mobility, and efficiency of learning.

Not only that, it is MUSIC that develops in a child and improves:

  1. Attention. In conditions of information overload, in which we live now, children can concentrate for no more than 4 seconds. Playing an instrument and singing trains attention.
  2. Creative thinking. Looking at a situation from different angles and finding the best solution is not a talent, but a skill. In music lessons, children learn to find solutions, not problems.
  3. Emotional Intelligence. Music and emotions are inseparable. Through music, we learn to understand and hear ourselves, to regulate our thoughts and emotions. Emotional intelligence helps to combat negative thoughts, depression, or burnout and develops intuition and mental clarity.


Register for the trial lesson by mail:


What do parents say?

"I highly recommend Ekaterina. My child plays and attends with great pleasure: interesting tasks, fun apps, video explanations and children's songs. She explains very well and the video explanations help with homework. My daughter enjoys group lessons. At first, I was skeptical about online music lessons, but now I see how convenient it is." Dina Proskurina.

"Ekaterina is a professional in her field. The children enjoy taking music lessons online. She knows how to find an approach to each student and to interest. The material is presented in an accessible and interesting way. Children get a lot of information from additional video materials that Ekaterina prepares." Svetlana Simakova

"Elena is already playing in the evenings. I don't know what you do in lessons, but I could never imagine that between hating music lessons and "Mommy, do you want me to play for you?" - are only a couple hours. That's impressive!" Anna Kosodius

Price: 20 euros per lesson (200 euro per course)


Family discount: 15 euros per lesson for a second child



Free trial lesson on Februar 26, March 4 and 18 at 17.00