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CREATIVE TECHLAB Interactive Fairy Tale Readings: a performance with digital media for children

Do you remember with what interest as a child you listened to fairy tales? Stories of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland... Tales that are many hundreds of years old still immerse children and adults in a magical world of wonder. Each story has its own lesson and a hint...

At Creative TechLab we combine two worlds: the world of fairy tales and educational technology. The reading of fairy tales has become an interactive performance, during which children are not only spectators but also active participants in the fairy tales. 

How do Creative TechLab interactive fairy tale readings take place?

Creative TechLab interactive fairy tale readings are a theatrical performance during which children perform various tasks with apps. With the help of professional actors and teachers, performance participants develop 

  • creative skills
  • attention and self-regulation
  • become familiar with various applications
  • improve digital literacy
  • become participants in the actor's performance

Who is Creative TechLab Interactive Reading for?

Creative TechLab interactive fairy tale readings are designed for children ages 5 and up, and their parents who like to participate in live performances.


coming soon...


Creative TechLab interactive readings for children last about an hour. Parents are welcome to accompany their children during the performance and participate in the performance as well. 





You can also book the performance for your child's birthday! 


Do you want to book a Creative TechLab interactive reading for your children? Drop me an email to