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CREATIVE TECHLAB singing lessons for teenager

"I want to learn to sing that song!" - I often hear from my young students. 

Singing, like playing the guitar or piano, is associated with beauty, emotion, even success. Everyone loves to hear live music performed by a talented person, right?

Not only that, but for teenagers music is a way to express themselves, to tell everything that has accumulated in the soul, to pour out all the emotions in a musical work. 

At Creative TechLab classes and workshops, we've met many teens who have asked about singing and voice training, so we've started incorporating singing into the Creative TechLab program.


Interested in participating in Creative TechLab singing classes for teens? Send an email application to:


What's so special about Creative TechLab singing classes for teens? 

  • Classes are conducted by professional singers and teachers
  • Individual approach to each teenager
  • Effective teaching methods
  • Additional video-lessons
  • Audio warm-ups that can be used by our pupils anytime outside of lessons
  • Additional exercises in acting and public speaking practice


Still have questions? Send an email request to: