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CREATIVE TECHLAB singing for kids

Children love to sing! Singing is their natural method of self-expression. Even the most timid children cheerfully sing along to familiar tunes, forgetting about fears and obstacles. 

Many parents wrongly believe that in order to study singing a child needs a special gift. In fact, everyone is born with a singing gift! This is our nature. 

Singing develops a child in many ways:

  1. It improves physical coordination. The voice is an integral part of the body, and when singing, the child learns to regulate the body and expresses him- or herself through their voice. 
  2. Increases emotional intelligence. A child learns to understand and express his or her own emotions
  3. Trains psycho-physical memory. The child not only remembers the words, but also the emotions in the body associated with lyrics
  4. Develops creative skills. Such as imagination, seeing the text from different perspectives
  5. Learns to maintain psychological stability with the help of breathing in singing


Interested in participating in Creative TechLab singing classes for children? Send an email request to:


What's special about Creative TechLab singing lessons for kids?

  • Professional singers and teachers with big teaching experience lead the singing lessons
  • The class is held in small groups, so each child gets enough individual support
  • The lessons are conducted in the form of a game with a lot of movement
  • Music therapy exercises are integrated into the methods, which contribute to effective learning and creative development

Still have questions? Send an email request to: