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CREATIVE TECHLAB music class for teenagers

Music and teenagers are two inseparable parts, because in music teenagers find echoes of their own experiences. 

In this difficult time of self-discovery and when the question "Who am I?" has to be answered, every teenager turns to music. Here are lyrical ballads and aggressive rap or dance music. 

Therefore, in adolescence there is a genuine interest in music and creating music pieces. 


Want to write your own music piece? Sign up for the Creative TechLab music workshop for teens and send me an email to:



The skill of writing your own music is what Creative TechLab provides for teenagers. They also learn.

  1. Elementary music theory
  2. Piano playing
  3. Types and structure of a music piece
  4. Music applications
  5. Music styles and rhythms 


Do you want to join us? Send an email request to: