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4 effective exercises for calming and restoring inner balance

The world time has accelerated incredibly. Everywhere around the globe there is a turbulence from the events taking place. Conflicting information is "breaking the brain and the nervous system". There sense of uncertainty and confusion is also getting higher.

Family problems, conflicts, overwork or stress often throw us off the balance. As soon as feelings of anger, dissatisfaction, fear arise, we lose our composure and self-regulation which leads to conflicts or quarrels.

In such cases, it is necessary to remain cool and calm, it allows us to think clearly and be confident in any situation. This will give us the strength to cope with certain problems and prevent emotions from overwhelming us. Know that the person who owns own emotions can regulate any situation and find better solutions. If we panic, feel helpless and have no strength, we will not be able to cope, so we must learn to stay calm and develop our own ability to find solutions.

How do you feel in a state of multiplied anxiety? How do you keep your mind in the here and now? How do you resist the panic that tries to creep in everywhere? How do you protect yourself from spontaneous, ill-considered decisions?

There are a number of simple physical exercises that, if done regularly, can help you stay in touch with reality, reduce anxiety levels and avoid flying into a vortex of dispersing negative thoughts and scenarios.

Exercise 1.

1.1 Take a comfortable sitting position (preferably in a chair with a backrest). Place something warm in the neck area. You can put your arm or, if the situation allows, a heating pad, or a folded warm scarf.

1.2 Sit like this, feeling the warmth, and then, feel your back, gluteal tuberosities, and legs. Be aware of the connection between them and their unity.

1.3 When you feel a distinct warmth and feel the integrity of your body, look around.

1.4 Name the objects around you. Name the sounds you hear, and the smells you breathe in.

This exercise helps you to return from anxious thoughts to the here and now. Through this, anxiety and fear are reduced.

Exercise 2.

2.1 For this exercise you will need 2 or 3 warmers, a soft toy, and a blanket.

2.2 Take a comfortable lying position. Place one heating pad in the lumbar region and another in the foot area. Place a third heating pad or soft toy in the abdominal area.

2.3 Cover yourself with a blanket. Put on some music. Mantras. Anything that works for you. Lie down for about 10-15 minutes.

This exercise helps to create an increased sense of security.

Exercise 3.

It may sound ridiculous, but our thighs are responsible for our sense of reality and our boundaries in the body. So patting your thighs, groping them, and self-massage can help to restore your sense of wholeness and personal boundaries.

You can also just sit for a while with your hands on your hips.

The exercise helps you become aware of yourself in space, asserting yourself in the here and now.

Exercise 4.

Sit on a chair that has a backrest to lean on.

4.1 Sit steadily so that you are leaning on the backrest.

4.2 Rest your feet (barefoot or in socks) on the floor. Imagine that you are a tree and that your feet have roots that firmly connect you to the floor. 

4.3 With your inner eyes, look for the center of your body.

4.4 Combine the feeling of stability in your feet, with the feeling of support in your back and the feeling of the center of your body. Stay in this state for as long as you can. 

4.5 It is good to create an image of your body in your mind (if you can). What color is the energy in the center? What scent? What sounds are there in it? And then unfold that image to the whole body. Let it pass through every part of yourself in your mind.

This exercise restores support, gives confidence, and reduces anxiety and fear.

From the suggested exercises, you can choose the few that seem most comfortable.

Doing them regularly will teach you to slow down, switch off from the frenzied flow of information, get back into the here and now, and reduce anxiety.


Anna Matyagina

psycotherapist, certified coach ICI, MRI, AC; specialize in Jungian sand therapy, metaphorical maps, PhD in Engineering

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