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3 Things You Should Know About Leadership

It has been proven that the way communication will be built in the future depends on how the first impression was conducted. Indeed, you have the only chance to make the first impression. Therefore, the skill of self-presentation is something that needs to be learned and improved. For the ones considered to be leaders the ability to present yourself nicely is essential along with the set of specific soft skills. This is the thing determining and insuring the loyalty of the crew and coworkers. Further we will discuss who the leaders are, what qualities they possess, and why good self-presentation is so important for everyone. So stay tuned and scroll down.

7 Qualities and One to Rule Them All

A leader is not just a manager making important decisions. He has authority in the group, in one way or another, having an influence on the relationships within the team and regulating the microclimate inside the group. However, there can be two leaders at the same time - formal and informal.

According to statistics, most leaders have the following qualities:

Initiative. A leader is not afraid to take responsibility, realizing that great goals come with great responsibility. But in order to achieve these goals exceptional volitional qualities are required. They allow the person to set a goal and reach it.

Self-reliance. Leaders, to one degree or another, always have power, and this certainly has an impact on their personality. So, it is extremely important for a leader to be able to make decisions on his own, relying on his knowledge, skills and experience only.

Self-education. The leader is focused on personal and professional growth. He understands that the world is changing very quickly and in order to maintain a leading position he needs to constantly improve his skills and learn something new.

Communication skills. A person will never become a leader if he does not have well-developed social skills. It is the ability to get along with people, negotiate and look for compromises that makes a person not just a leader, but a leader who is followed by the team.

Developed emotional intelligence. This point is very close to the previous one, because the communicative intelligence is inextricably linked with the communicative one. The ability to control emotions and think with the cold head in stressful situations is precisely what makes the leader effective in his decisions.

Perseverance. Without perseverance a person will not be able to achieve anything. It means he will not become an example for others.

Self-presentation skills. Finally, that very skill, enhancing all the previous ones. Without the ability to present his strengths a person will never become a leader.

This is not a complete list of qualities that a leader should possess. Depending on the team and the field of activity the first six skills may vary, but the last one, the self-presentation skill itself, is an absolute must have.

In addition, there is another quality that all leaders have in common. This is the ability to cope with crises and get out of it not only with minimal losses, but also by strengthening the positions. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Coco Chanel - they all were leaders in their fields, and they all moved to their goals despite all the setbacks and difficulties on the way.

Self - development: A Must

Leaders always had a special position in society. During the pandemic when the world is literally being turned upside down, the role of leaders in many areas is becoming vital. When everything is changing and transforming, it is essential for a person to have a reference point in front of him, an example to follow. And leaders had always been carrying roles. Now they show by their example that stressful situations are just a door for new opportunities, and that those who can mobilize themselves, mobilize subordinates and transform the work of the whole team to new realities can stay afloat.

The leader always sees the goal and moves to it. People gather around him, united by a common idea and also ready to work to achieve it. Therefore, companies that realized this simple fact in time are not only looking for people with leadership qualities, but also create programs for leaders within the organization.

Why You Personally Need Leadership Soft Skills

There are leaders in every field. Startups, business owners, bloggers, vloggers, managers - these are all people who have become leaders and they are the ones who set trends and show others the direction to move. The assertion that leadership qualities are initially laid down is not entirely true. They can be developed and improved like any other skill set. Therefore, if you want to become successful in your field, be sure to pay attention to the development of leadership skills, as well as the ability to make a favorable impression, highlighting your strengths.

Why Leaders Need Self-Presentation Skills

Not only leaders need self-presentation skills but any single person. The simplest example is a job interview. Your chances of getting an offer increase significantly if you managed to make a positive first impression on the recruiter. The leader has to make a self-presentation more often than others and does not always prepare a speech in advance. In most cases self-presentation takes place in the course of a casual conversation, but this does not diminish its significance. Ultimately, the ability to navigate the environment and present oneself based on the existing conditions is also an important skill for a leader. Here are a few points that prove the importance of self-presentation:

- Good first impression. This is critical for the leader of an organization or team. It is the first impression that determines how the relationships within the team will develop in the future. Strong and impressing self-presentation allows you to make this very first impression as you need it to be depending on the case.

- Motivation and persuasion. Good self-presentation itself can spark people with an idea and make then rally around a leader. During self-presentation you make listeners think that they need your product or services.

- Business development and career advancement. A person who speaks confidently about his product, services and business always attracts attention. Having worked on compiling a self-presentation, you will kill two birds with one stone - you get the opportunity to expand the range of potential partners and climb the career ladder.

- Media brand creation. Self-presentation is a key element of your image, a kind of "visiting card". Today not a thing happens without social networks. Therefore, it is important that the media image and personal brand are following the same line and strategy. 

- Expanding the network of social contacts. It is more pleasant to cooperate with the person who knows how to clearly express thoughts and confidently talks about his business. Therefore, a well-thought-out self-presentation significantly increases people's loyalty.

- Creative thinking. The difference between a leader and just a good manager is that the leader generates new ideas and finds non-trivial solutions. 

- Self-promotion. Smart self-presentation is a hidden and native advertisement of yours and your brand. Use it wisely and don’t miss a chance to increase the sales and make valuable contracts. 

Possession of the self-presentation skill allows the leader to control the attention of the audience, present himself nicely and sell whatever he needs to be sold.

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