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Creative TechLab

Music workshops with modern technologies

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write your own songs or tunes? Have you wished you could play the piano and understand how notes and rhythms work? Maybe you have wanted to try your hand at the DJ business, haven’t you?

You don’t have to own a musical set to get special skills and some information connected with music. We suggest you a new level of education. The young generation raised in the Internet age will find it especially comfortable.

We have got an innovative way of studying called “gamification”. What is the point of the educational program? Your child will complete some tasks with the characters of the app and get certain skills, as a result. After this workshop, he’ll tell you about notes and rhythms, you’ll hear him making the first steps in playing the piano, and even he’ll  make his own DJ-set voicing his favorite story! For sure, not only children are interested in an easy and effective way of studying. This way of learning will suit everybody well. You can be 5 or 85 and take part in workshops from “Creative TechLab”. If you like music, creativity and digital studying, this  educational master classes is for you ! In addition, an innovative approach to education made by our tutors will allow you to learn all of the information on 100%.

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The result after the workshop

Mobile Musical School

Musical theatre for children and adults

Who doesn’t like a musical? It contains catchy tunes, energetic dances and unforgettable plots. We can see them on the stage of a theatre. But is it possible to try the role of a musical actor by ourselves? More than easy!

On the “Mobile Musical School”’s workshop you will be immersed in the atmosphere of musical theatre. You will learn how to sing and dance your favorite tunes properly accompanied by our professional tutors. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult. Besides, an interesting approach to education made by our tutors will allow you to study much more comfortable and effective at any age. The atmosphere fulfilled with positivity and creativity will gift you a bunch of emotions so you will feel yourself inspired after rehearsals. But let me tell you what is the most interesting about this club. Our theatre will help the beginners to understand musical language much more deeper. You will know what's going on behind the scenes and even will play your favorite parts from musicals!

Video Mobile Musical School for kids