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Presentation training

Master your communication skills

Public speaking is the main component of oratory and soft skills. Presentation of information to a life audience in order to achieve a specific goals: competent influence on the listener, for suggestion and persuasion in any topic. For effective communication  to the public and to have authority with it, you should master your presentation and improve communication skills.

Public speaking  is an exceptional and cost-effective way to build your brand and network within your company, profession, or industry. It will help you to build good will for your company in the community. Whether you’re pitching a product, service or idea - public speaking differentiates you and your message from the promotional noise and general chatter.

Business presentation is a special technique of the presentation skills used by companies. Business communication is a way of interaction between organization with partners in order to optimize work performance.

The nature of communication with partners, the way you behave when talking, the timbre of your voice effects the impression you make on the people around you. You should talk clearly, loudly and self-confidently enough during business communications. Confidence while talking to the public and be presentable on the stage will be possible to achieve by mastering effective presentation skills and media communication skills. 

A professional trainer will help you to achieve your goals faster. Coach will teach you how to implement the stage presentation technique in your life and business communication. Vocal training will help you strengthen your voice and improve your pronunciation. 

Specially designed courses of presentation and business communication skills, including exercises for mastering non-verbal communication and voice training, will allow you to achieve an impressive results. You will learn how to apply stage knowledge in real life situations and get personal support and timely feedback from your coach. Our online course will help you to overcome the fear of public speaking and successfully apply the techniques of public speaking in practice.

Online voice production course is a modern and effective solution to master your presentation skills. After completing the training the art of public speaking will become one of your key skills!

More information about the training you find here:

Online course Voice&Leadership: the powerful methods for your effective communication

The success of the public speaking mostly depends not only on the quality of the materials, but also on your presentation skills, your ability of express your thoughts in an elegant and persuasive manner. The problem often can be explained by these factors: 

  • The absence of gestures. 

  • Disability of the motivation for the feedback from your public. 

  • The fear of public speaking in general. 

  • The lack of the control under your voice. 

  • The loss of concentration when you are suddenly changing the scenario. 

These are crucial criteria of the successful business communication that will have a direct influence on the result. 

Online course will help you to master soft skills for speaking and the art of eloquence, to become more confident and to learn different effective ways of the interaction with your auditory. Any business presentation will be one more step towards your career development, your fear and your tension will disappear. The training includes 5 lessons: 

  1. The fear of public speaking and the ways of fighting it. 

  2. Body language and methods of its control. 

  3. Voice training and the basic factors of the sound of your voice. 

  4. Gesturing and diction. 

  5. How to work with public? 

Remember that 70 per cent of the vocal training is practical activities. We guarantee the individual feedback that will make the lessons more effective. Our participants notice that their sells have increased by 30 per cent, they get more clients and followers now, finally, they got rid of the tension and the fear of public speaking.

Vocal training for public speaking

Speech is the most powerful tool for interaction between people. A strong and pleasant voice helps us to reach the success and the influence. Vocal training is an important part of an effective communication. 

It’s a common misconception that we get the voice naturally, it is impossible to improve it and it cannot change over time. As a result, you can fail important negotiations because of the shiver in your voice that shows your insecurity and the lack of self-control. 

Public speaking often causes anxiety, you may lose your breath, and you may feel dry mouth. All these factors have a direct influence on the business communication and on your self-esteem. If you don’t get an expected result, you start feeling dissatisfaction and self-reflection. 

Using the special methods, you can learn how to manage yourself and your voice, to become more confident in the expression of your thoughts in public speaking. A positive result will not be long in coming and your presentation skills will give a useful effect for your business and career. Vocal training allows to get:

  • Comprehensive knowledge about your voice’s power. 

  • The removal of spasms. 

  • Soft skills related with the breathing control. 

  • The ability to manage people’s consciousness using the voice. 

After vocal training your voice will become more persuasive, expressive and stronger even if you feel anxiety: