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CREATIVE TECHLAB online class for adults

What is creativity for you? Let me guess, you would say creativity is something that helps you to draw, to play the piano, to write a song or play around with different things and thoughts. That’s right!

Now, let’s get deeper. What kind of profit you’ll get from developing creative skills?

The research shows that creativity

- helps against depression or burnout

- teaches you to hear and understand yourself better

- discovers your true talents and your potential

- gives you the power to find better solutions

-  teaches you how to regulate and to express emotions

- helps to switch from negative thoughts and create a peaceful state of mind

And modern technologies make the creative process even more fun - with animated apps you learn faster and motivated, and online lessons make you flexible - you learn where your computer and internet are, and don't waste your time on driving to school.


Creative TechLab online music class are weekly online lessons with a teacher. During this online music class you learn the basics for music making such as how to read a score, to understand different rhythms, symbols or accords, to play the piano or to write own music piece. This is a 10 online lessons course for adults which will take place every Tuesday fromApril the 9th to June 11th from 6 to 6.45 pm.


Free online trial lessons are on Februar 26, March 4 and 18 from 7 to 7.30 pm 


What do adults say?

“In my opinion, music can be practiced at any age, which helps to develop not only such understandable things as hearing and hand coordination, but also creative thinking. It was surprising for me to begin to understand that playing a piece is not a purely "mechanical" process of pressing written notes, but it’s a story which every persons tells/plays differently” - Andrey Chernyak.


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300 euro for 10 lessons


If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!


Book the spot via email