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Я преподаю пение и фортепиано с 2008 года. За это время у меня накопился большой опыт, который позволяет мне развивать собственные педагогические методы для получения лучших результатов в пении и игре на фортепиано. Возраст моих учеников довольно широк: дети от 6 лет и взрослые в почтительном возрасте, т.е . все те, кто хочет научится музыкально-креативному самовыражению. Для меня очень важны пожелания и цели моих учеников, отличное владение как вокальной так и пианистической техникой, интересная интерпретация произведений, нескучные методы обучения и индивидуальность каждого ученика.


I have been taking piano lessons with Ekaterina Kardakova for two years now. I started as an absolute beginner in my mid-forties and didn't have any musical background. What should I say? I'm still highly motivated – thank Ekaterina's multiple and variously enriched methods! I danced, claped, taped, sang with her and, of course, studied how to read the score; the diverse piano scales of the Russian Piano School should not be forgotten, and the technique, technique, technique :). Ekaterina has never lost her patience, endurance and empathy! Respect! When I come to my piano lesson directly after work, she immidiately takes me into her musical world and makes it very charming and professional. I'm very delighted with it! A huge compliment and big thank to you, Ekaterina!

                                                                                                                                     Claudia L-F

I'm very excited to have Ekaterina Kardakova as a singing teacher. She supports and challenges her students with her own refreshing style. It helps one to learn even more and overcome the limits you put yourself in. I can highly recommend her!                                        

                                                                                                                                          Petra Anton


I really enjoy singing lessons with Ekaterina Kardakova! She is always happy and gives this joy of music-making process to others! She is always sympathetic and thinks wether I feel good and if my voice is healthy. She encourages me to take new steps in singing again and again by giving me illustraitive explanations, and praises me with enjoyment when it works! At the same time, Ekaterina plays piano fantastically! Furthermore, I like that I can choose the pieces by myself depending on my own mood (without any restrictions in styles, periods, genres or anything like that).

                                                                                                                                         Anna Weber