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Singing workshops

During the singing workshop the participants learn more about the voice, the body and the breath, but first of all, about their personal gifts.

„Wonderful time at the workshop! Simple exercises showed that really everyone can sing :) thank you!“- Sebastian

Creative TechLab

As music teacher I noticed how different is the young generation, how fast it learns and how obsessed the kinds are with any kind of digital advices. I wanted to put this huge interest for iPads, apps etc to the educational direction, and developed the concept of teaching music with Apps, iPads and Rollpianos.

Creative TechLab is a new method to teach music and piano playing in particular with digital devices. The goal is to give everyone the sustainable basis of Musical tool for playing music freely, more motivation to create, interesting and funny ways to learn and grow.

I’m truly convinced that creativity can help children, teenagers and adults to find themselves, their strengths; it can teach them to find new ways and solutions for everything and everywhere: at school, at work and in private live!

Here you can find the article about Creatiev TechLab:

choral vocal training

People sing in choire because they have fun, they enjoy musical interaction and like to learn new repertoire! The most exciting part is public concerts and the long preparation for them. As a choire conducter and opera singer I have noticed that there is not enough time to think about the voice during rehearsals. That's why I decided to do the vocal training for choir singers. The important aspects are awareness of the body, breath control, vocal technique, good collaboration with music-makers and various ways of expression.